Submission Guidelines

Submission Guidelines for all Lines:
We publish novels and novellas in most genres by Christian authors. Our stories are edgy, inspirational, heartfelt, and wholesome, written from a Christian world-view and containing a clear message of redemption somewhere in the story. 

For General Guidance on Our Genressee

What We Mean by “Edgy?”
Edgy (adjective): The defining quality of people who are truly "edgy" is that they are risk-takers, people who defy the norm and are capable of breaking any mold they're boxed into.

What We Do Not Mean by “Edgy”
  • Sexual/sensual behavior or dialogue (“pushing the envelope” in the direction of erotica)
  • Immodest apparel or character descriptions
  • Profanity

We are looking for interesting, relatable, characters dealing with real life situations. We will consider main characters who have flaws. After all, who is flawless? 

Life happens, and churchy trite solutions do not work in real life. Realistically, neither will they work in your character’s lives.

Key Elements in Forever Love’s Inspirational Romance Novels
  • Strong romances with a Christian worldview and wholesome values.
  • Relationships that emphasize emotional intimacy rather than sexual desire. 
  •  Each story should focus on an emotional and satisfying romance, with a sustained/believable conflict. 
  • An element of faith must be present and well-integrated into the plot, but should feel natural and not preachy. Faith element must be integral to story and shows rather than tells.
  •  Hero and heroine should meet early in book, preferably by end of chapter one.
  • No graphic violence or sex scenes.  
  • First person or third person point of view (hero or heroine)  may be used.
  • Multiple POV's OK.
  • Word count for novels: 55,000 to 80,000 words.
  • Word count for novellas: 20,000 to 50,000 words.
  •  The heroine and hero should relate as equals.
  • Solid stories, well developed characters, element of faith at its core. 
  •  There needs to be internal conflict on both sides that is pushing the hero and heroine apart even as the circumstances of the plot push them together. The conflict should not be resolved until the end of the story. 
All manuscripts [including romance] are initially submitted to Novelist Press via email at:

Send initial query in the body of the email. Put your working title and  your last name in the subject line.

Do include all of your contact information with the initial query, including: Name, Address, Phone. 

Do not submit queries as email attachments. Unless requested, attachments will not be opened.

Our acquisition process is as follows:
  1. Send initial query.  
  2. If you grab our interest (and we hope you do!), we will contact you with a request for a synopsis and first three chapters. 
  3. Following that, if we are still interested, we will request a full manuscript.

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